10 Great Questions for Website Video Testimonials

Incorporating testimonial videos into your website is a powerful way for you to market your business and bring your website to life.  In the fast pace world we live in, a testimonial video allows you to interact with potential clients in a deeper more meaningful way.

When building trust with your product/service on the internet, customer testimonials have one of the highest rankings, coming in at 89 percent. An astonishing 88 percent of new consumers say they trust online reviews and testimonials equally to that of recommendations from friends and family.

How To Create Testimonial Videos for Your Site

The secret to creating powerful website testimonial videos is in the questions you ask. A good interviewer will get the answers he or she is looking for, while a great interviewer will lead the subject to tell a compelling story about your brand that gets your viewers to want to learn more. So, how in world can you do this?


Where should you film? The ultimate goal is to have the video testimonial look and feel as natural as possible.  To do this you will want to capture the subject in their typical environment: at their place of work, in their office, or at a job site. A more easily controlled option is to record the interview on a clean white background which creates an intimate mood.

How to get your subject talking comfortably

Oh yes, we’ve all seen testimonial videos where the subject sounds like they are forcing every question. Remeber, a professional video editor can be one of your greatest tools, so let the subject talk normal and the editor can grab sound bits that make the interviewee sound brilliant. You will notice that most of the interview question we suggest are open-ended, and some included follow-up questions.  This style of questions gives the subject the ability to elaborate on their answers and most of the time leads to even better answers.

Pro Tip:  Don’t forget to warm up the interview.  Just like warming your legs before a race, it’s important to get your subject feeling comfortable in front of the camera. The best way we found to do this is by asking simple and sometimes funny questions.  Once you get your subject smiling and speaking with passion your audience will sense the honesty and true feelings, not just spoon-fed response.

This should go without saying but plan your interview questions in advance, but that doesn’t mean you cant add or modify your question on the spot as it’s equally important for the interviewer to read the subject and allow them the space to let their true feelings shine.

10 Great Testimonial Interview Questions

  1. What product and/or service did you purchase from us?
  2. Why did you need that product/service?
  3. How did you hear about us?
  4. Why specifically did you decide to work with us/purchase from us?
  5. Had you previously tried other products/services? Why didn’t they work?
  6. What was your experience like working with/purchasing from us?
  7. What was the best thing about the product/service you purchased?
  8. How has this product/service/relationship made your job easier? How has it positively impacted your clients both professionally and/or personally?
  9. Would you recommend our product/service to others? What would you say about it?
  10. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Video Production Quality

In leaving, the last key to a powerful website video testimonial is the quality of your production. If you are planning to produce the videos yourself, we recommend you “think simple.”  If you really want the videos to shine, partner with a trustworthy video production firm and leave the heavy lifting to the pros.