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Managed Web Solution

A managed solution means that we don’t leave you hanging. After building you a professional website to your specifications, we’ll set it live, and update it whenever you want, as much as you want. Need a new service added, or have a marketing idea to infuse into your site? Give us a call or shoot us a message and we’ll make it happen. It’s that simple!

Many clients want total control of their site, but embrace the reassurances that they have a dedicated team at Ugly Duck to jump in at any time to make necessary changes, or to simply clean up items they are struggling with. We give you the tools you need to jumpstart your site and make the edits you want to make. And, we’ll always be here for you whenever you need us going forward.

Managed Solution Included Features

Mobile support

Fully responsive, which means all your pages look great and convert your visitors no matter the device.

Fully Customized

This means you get the website you always dreamed of at a price your business can afford.

Home Page that Sells Your Business

From top to bottom an engaging home page to tell your story, and leads your visitors to take action.

Standards compliant

Semantic HTML5 and CSS, Bootstrap 3, W3C standard platform. Simply put, we’re doing it right for you.

Built on WordPress
Having your website on the world’s leading CMS ensures your site is simple to edit, loads in a flash and optimized for the search engines to find.

Managed email newsletter

Keep in touch with your clients and prospects by sending them a monthly email newsletter.

Detailed analytics

We set up Google Analytics right so you always understand how your website is performing and what your visitors are doing.

SEO optimized

Code that search engines love: microformats, easily crawlable site architecture, meta data optimized by our team of SEO experts.

Landing page platform

We can build and manage optimized landing and thank you pages to aid with your inbound marketing campaigns.

eCommerce ready

Our eCommerce Store add on service allows you to sell products directly on your website.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up and complete our onboarding interview.
  2. We’ll review your details and assign you to a dedicated project manager and web team.
  3. The magic starts happening. We kick off a number of parallel tasks to start developing your new website. We’ll reach out to you if anything needs clarification or if we have any questions.
  4. Our creative team will design and develop a completely customized home page based on your preferences. The process begins with a creative brief, to copywriting, to image sourcing, to a design mockup. Once your mockup is complete your project manager will reach out via our helpdesk for you to review. This process generally takes about 7 days after we begin the project.
  5. Based on your feedback, we can continue to create mockup revisions if necessary. Once you’re happy, we’ll get started converting the design to your new website. This includes all mobile optimization and testing.
  6. When the new home page has been implemented and all inner page copy wordsmithed and formatted, we’ll send you your preview site to review. Depending on revisions and complexity of the project this generally takes about 3-4 weeks.
  7. From here you’ll have the option to submit revisions and feedback.
  8. We’ll work on these revisions with you as long as it takes until you’re satisfied.
  9. When you’re ready to go live, just give us the “green light” and we’ll send you the necessary instructions to update your DNS records. Once you do, your new website should be live on the Internet in about an hour or two!


Just because your new website’s live doesn’t mean our work is finished. After launch, our team is standing by 5 days a week to support you!

All Included For Only $247/month

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